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Activated Coke for Desulfurization and Denitrification

Activated Coke for Desulfurization and Denitrification

Activated coke (carbon) is a kind of resource technology product,activated coke (carbon) for desulfurization and denitration is a kind of special activated carbon which is made of coal. In addition to meets the requirements of the adsorption properties of general activated carbon products, the activated coke (carbon) also possesses the characteristics of big sulfur capacity, high strength, large particles, good catalytic activity, and strong antioxidant properties. At present, almost all the domestic and foreign industrialized desulfurization and denitration devices take activated coke (carbon) as removing agent. Its desulfurization efficiency is greater than 95% and the denitration efficiency is greater than 70%.
According to the domestic and foreign technological requirements of flue gas purification on activated coke (carbon), the company has produced the activated coke (carbon) for desulfurization and denitration in an earlier date which is applicable to flue gas purification and realized the industrial production. In the mean time, the activated coke (carbon) has advantages of recycling utilization of pollution control result, reusable adsorbent and good desulfurization and denitration effect.